Project description

The problem
The systematic non-sorting of waste at the base in our homes, a system of collection and crowding at intermediate dumps where people come to recover what is and the rest of the waste must be moved to a landfill resulting in colossal spending by the municipality, the risk of an increased epidemic has led the startup Ouiauvert to propose an approach to waste management solutions from our homes.

The current solution
The garbage collection system is provided by community organizations that remove garbage for a variable monthly fee depending on the size of the solid waste. Non-subsistence households throw garbage on the streets, in the ravines or simply dump them underground. This poses serious problems that the municipality faces. Also note that the current solution requires homes to make a monthly subscription that varies between 2000FCFA and 3000CFA. This means that households with no financial means are forced to throw their waste into ravines or create wild dumps in neighborhoods.

Our innovative solution
It involves developing a web and mobile platform to connect households and recycling companies. And this will allow households to systematically sort out, make profitable their waste, adopt eco-citizen behaviors and contribute to the protection of the environment. After systematic sorting from the homes, homes will send an alert to the recycling companies concerned through the mobile application. The recycling companies thanks to the platform, can see and locate the received alerts and will make a structured descent in the homes for the survey of the waste concerned.

The impact
This new approach will enable households to generate income from waste, enable recycling companies to reduce the cost of waste treatment and have a much greener environment.

Project location:Lome
Lome is the capital of Togo, which is a small country in West Africa. Togo has a current population of 7,178,763 (2017) with a growth rate of 2.13% / year. Lomé has an area of ​​333km² and a population of 2,133,579 inhabitants (2017) * .A study conducted by the GTVD Laboratory, Faculty of Sciences-University of Lomé in 2014 showed that 70% of households subscribe to a pre-service -collection of household garbage against 30% who are not subscribers. On average, one resident of the city of Lomé produces 0.91kg of solid waste per day. And so we have a production of 1942 tons of waste per day.

Our business model
- Through our mobile application application, we will broadcast advertising content.
- Collect a percentage of all waste collected in homes.